1. I know I’ve posted a link to this before, but I just can’t stop listening to it. 

    Ásgeir - “King and Cross”


  2. He scurried up as soon as he heard me chewing. 


  3. richardrushfield:

    Oh what a lovely comic-con part 1


  4. "…people ask, is he a patriot or a traitor? That drives me nuts, the very thought that people could regard you [Snowden] as a traitor. The ignorance of the media and the congresspeople and the other interviewers who raised that question offends me as an American, that they think that it can be traitorous to tell the truth to your fellow countrymen. Here’s the standard I would like to see set: “Snowden was the one person in the fucking NSA who did what he absolutely should have done.” How many people should’ve done what you did! I said this about Chelsea when that came out and I say it now. We all took the same oath to protect and defend the Constitution. There are people who violate it all the time. There are people who are against it, like Cheney and some others. But when it comes to upholding that oath, no one in the U.S. military services including the commander in chief has fulfilled her oath to defend and support the Constitution like Chelsea Manning."
    — Daniel Ellsberg (via azspot)

    (via azspot)


  5. Welcome to Nevada


  6. No wonder it’s a dark omen.


  7. On the way to McGurk Meadow, evening


  8. nevver:

    le Métro

    More accurately subtitled: “Are you? Have you been?” 


  9. A few Yosemite wildflowers


  10. Hetch Hetchy



  12. ABQ velociraptor, cutely stalking through the windows


  13. As the crow flies - which is impressive, as it turns out. 



  15. Just got back to Memphis, bringing the enormous road trip to an end. More pictures to follow, of course! (Though perhaps not tonight.)