1. On the way to McGurk Meadow, evening


  2. nevver:

    le Métro

    More accurately subtitled: “Are you? Have you been?” 


  3. A few Yosemite wildflowers


  4. Hetch Hetchy



  6. ABQ velociraptor, cutely stalking through the windows


  7. As the crow flies - which is impressive, as it turns out. 



  9. Just got back to Memphis, bringing the enormous road trip to an end. More pictures to follow, of course! (Though perhaps not tonight.)


  10. That would be the “exhausted” reason. Today was the second day in a row we drove 1,000+ miles. Tomorrow we have a comparatively short trip up to Yosemite.


  11. The road trip starts now!

    Memphis, TN - Albuquerque, NM - Grand Canyon - (Barstow, CA, possible stop) - Yosemite National Park - Death Valley National Park - Las Vegas, NV - Zion National Park - Durango, CO - Amarillo, TX - Memphis, TN



  13. nicevoices:

    "King and Cross" - Ásgeir

    Just press “play” - one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long, long time. 


  14. superdames:



    Obviously her name should be something like Bookworm but it’s actually Magic Wanda (can’t imagine how they came up with that) and she only ever appeared in this one issue but her plan is PERFECT.

    —Spidey Super Stories #42 (1979) script by Jim Salicrup, Michael Siporin, & Julie Mishkin; art by Win Mortimer & Ricardo Villamonte

    (Source: superdames, via luckydayyy)


  15. tastefullyoffensive:

    Please Relax. [x]