1. fruitbat46:

    my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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  3. Life as an ER nurse, continued.

    I had a 12 hour shift and took care of approximately nine or ten patients during that time, I believe, which is a pretty good turnover rate for the acute hall. I’m still in orientation with a preceptor for the next three weeks, but by now that really just means that I have a person on hand as a resource to answer questions like “Where can I get a fetal heart monitor?” or “How slow do I have to push hydralazine?”

    All told I probably spent about 50 minutes sitting down over the course of the entire shift, counting my lunch break. My feet are sore. 

    That sounds pretty terrible, right? But get this: Today, I watched/assisted a little as a neurosurgeon hand-drilled a hole into a man’s skull, then stuck one end of a tube down into the brain and threaded the other end under the man’s scalp and out through another hole. And this was at bedside - not in an operating room. So. 


  4. I had a pretty great hiking partner, too! 
    More pictures to follow sometime later.


  5. I went hiking this weekend in East Tennessee. 


  6. kateoplis:

    We in the United States grow up celebrating ourselves as the world’s most powerful nation, the world’s richest nation, the world’s freest and most blessed nation.

    Sure, technically Norwegians may be wealthier per capita, and the Japanese may live longer, but the world watches the N.B.A., melts at Katy Perry, uses iPhones to post on Facebook, trembles at our aircraft carriers, and blames the C.I.A. for everything. We’re No. 1!

    In some ways we indisputably are, but a major new ranking of livability in 132 countries puts the United States in a sobering 16th place. We underperform because our economic and military strengths don’t translate into well-being for the average citizen.

    In the Social Progress Index, the United States excels in access to advanced education but ranks 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation and 31st in personal safety. Even in access to cellphones and the Internet, the United States ranks a disappointing 23rd, partly because one American in five lacks Internet access.

    “It’s astonishing that for a country that has Silicon Valley, lack of access to information is a red flag,” notes Michael Green, executive director of the Social Progress Imperative, which oversees the index. The United States has done better at investing in drones than in children, and cuts in social services could fray the social fabric further.

    This Social Progress Index ranks New Zealand No. 1, followed by Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands. All are somewhat poorer than America per capita, yet they appear to do a better job of meeting the needs of their people. …

    Many who back proposed Republican cuts in Medicaid, food stamps and public services believe that such trims would boost America’s competitiveness. Looking at this report, it seems that the opposite is true.

    Ireland, from which so many people fled in the 19th century to find opportunity in the United States, now ranks 15th. That’s a notch ahead of the United States, and Ireland is also ahead of America in the category of “opportunity.” …

    Over all, the United States’ economy outperformed France’s between 1975 and 2006. But 99 percent of the French population actually enjoyed more gains in that period than 99 percent of the American population. Exclude the top 1 percent, and the average French citizen did better than the average American. This lack of shared prosperity and opportunity has stunted our social progress.”

    We’re Not No. 1! We’re Not No. 1!




  9. Have I ever let on how obsessed I am with bicycles? Because I am. 

    And I’m not into the trendy modern usage of “obsessed” - I don’t use that word lightly. 


  10. And then the flowers appeared.


  11. Your time will come
    If you let it be right


  12. "Happy in Memphis"

    I love this.


  13. Looking at a mountain.


  14. This will be fun to use in conversation one day.


  15. "Echo" - Péter Sas