1. [Jack McBrayer] recently appeared with the pop singer Mariah Carey in her video for “Touch My Body” playing a nebbishy computer repairman who arrives at Ms. Carey’s mansion. Shot in a single day and directed by the filmmaker Brett Ratner, the video was a surreal experience for Mr. McBrayer.

    “To hear Brett Ratner say, ‘O.K., now walk more slowly with the unicorn’; ‘O.K., Mariah, spank Jack more,’ ” he said. “What is happening to my life?”

    The fantasy was nearly derailed, however, when an errant Frisbee tossed by Mr. McBrayer hit Ms. Carey in the face. “Her bodyguard came and explained to me that I should probably be more careful,” he said. “And we never saw that Frisbee again.”


    Thank you, Kenneth. From all of us.

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