1. There needs to be a combination library/travel agency/Crossfit gym/national park where I can go to meet the best people.



  3. So many of my favorite things in one video: CrossFit, beautifully fit bodies, spoken word poetry. 

    The piece was authored by Patrick Cummings, and I’ve learned it by heart. It’s called “Confidence”:

    I am a lifeguard on the ocean of potential.
    I rescue success from the depths of fatigue,
    breathe life back into lungs like arrows from muted tongues.

    I am both singular and in unison.

    I can be ignored like cloud cover, sold like medicine,
    I can be spit out like oil spills & cleaned up like apologies.

    I am a stray tornado at the bulkhead of your basement breath
    & I am wondering if you will let me in.

    You can tell them later how the radio of your mind came clear
    like a car exiting a tunnel,
    how standing back up felt like drowning in reverse.

    When the jackhammer in your chest settles,
    tell them how you were pulled back into the boat of possibility,
    how you took the oars and you found the shore,
    how you listened to the voice inside when I whispered,
    "more, more, more"
    until I was quiet like satisfaction & still like pride.


  4. WOD


    And then I did the rest of my workout: 

    25 rounds of:

    -5 pull ups
    -10 push ups
    -15 body squats

    That’s a grand total of 125 pull ups, 250 push ups, and 375 body squats. I quit because I just felt like that was enough for one day. I didn’t split up a single set. I feel good.

    Thanks for letting me brag a little these past couple of days. I promise I won’t keep it up. 


  5. WOD

    400m lunge


  6. WOD

    Row 2.5K
    50 Pull-ups
    50 Back extensions
    200ft ladder climb
    30 toes-to-bar

    And some other random stuff.  



  8. Fitness update

    I found out I can do sets of clapping pull-ups now. I’m not sure this is still my body. 


  9. WOD “Angie”

    So, before the beginning of this semester, I had basically abandoned Crossfit. I started up again at the end of the summer, though, and I’m loving it. To give you an idea of how much progress I’m making, here are the dates for the last two times I did “Angie” and the time it took me to complete the workout.


    100 pull-ups
    100 push-ups
    100 sit-ups
    100 squats

    (Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.)

     Date                         Time
    08-24-11                 59:05
    10-18-11                  29:31 


  10. WOD

    16-mile bike ride, then later…

    4 rounds for time:

    21 dips
    (xx) pull-ups (burnout set)
    10 power-cleans, 95 lbs.
    400m run 


  11. WOD

    Bar hop -             30 reps
    Push press(bar) - 30 reps 
    Body squat -       30 reps
    As many rounds as possible in 20 min.  

    PS. The workout for two days ago was loading 450 bales of hay onto a cart, then stacking them ceiling-high in a barn. Each bale weighed 85-100 lbs. Also, the horses were trying to eat the hay as it was unloaded. ‘Cause that helped.


  12. So guess who did Fight Gone Bad yesterday for the first time? 

    (Subbed SDLHP for rowing, and subbed a 40 lb. dumbbell for the 20 lb. wall ball. The university needs a more diverse range of equipment.)


  13. WOD

    • 16-mile bike
    • 4 cool-down rounds of:
      -10 reps push press, 95 lbs
      -15 pull-ups
      -5 toes-to-bar