1. Bruce Munro, Light at Cheekwood


  2. Part of Bruce Munro’s Field of Light exhibit at Cheekwood.

    For scale, the tiny extra-bright area in the upper right quadrant is a canopy tent. 


  3. I went to see a Bruce Munro light exhibit over my short-lived summer break. I’ll be posting more pictures later. 
    I like this picture because its aesthetic value has nothing do with with how detailed or well-rendered the image is. There’s something eerie to the atmosphere, almost numinous. 


  4. A winter sunrise from the window of my old college apartment.


  5. good morning.


  6. b/w empty Makin’ Music stage


  7. night b/w ed


  8. Florence + the Machine



  10. Henderson sunset.


  11. From my Nashville ramblings.


  12. In the clearing behind my house. Early morning.