1. See that lake at the right edge of the frame? That’s where the trail for this particular hike began. I was feeling pretty fierce. 

    P.S. The girl behind the camera for this shot is now on tumblr, so follow if you’d like! :) 


  2. I have a bike again! I finally ordered a Specialized Allez Race, and it is perfect.


  3. I had a pretty great hiking partner, too! 
    More pictures to follow sometime later.


  4. I went hiking this weekend in East Tennessee. 


  5. What a fantastic, delicious surprise in the mail today!


    Valentine linzers via littlerunnergurl, and a thank you to Mimi!


  6. Hey.


  7. "Bunkering down" for finals. Meheh.


  8. Update from the last time that I took this informative quiz
    Find a more detailed explanations of the various possible outcomes here.


  9. My hair was too much, so I cut it off. 


  10. Self, currently


  11. chula replied to your quote: If your arms were tanner you would have fireman’s…

    Oooh what? Lemme see

    Ok, well I found a picture of me with a kitten from four years ago, back when I was a skinny little swimmer. So… Not what my arms would look like now, but much more important: what my arms would look like holding a kitten.


  12. I wish I still had my long hair. 

    (It’s pulled back here.)


  13. This is me saying that we should hang out. 


  14. Photo Booth nostalgia. There was once a time I had really long hair and a friend with a straightening iron. 


  15. Imagine all your grades are essentially dependent on roughly 4 tests per semester, no quizzes or homework grades. Now imagine that your classes happen so fast that you must take 3 such tests every single week. And that’s not to mention the all-or-nothing, pass/fail checkoffs. And if you make lower than a C in a single class, you fail out of the whole program. That is my life, along with 27 other very brave people. I have grown to love them rather dearly.

    This was at our last hospital orientation. We’re not the best at organizing pictures, but we’ll take care of you. 

    [I’m at the very left of the back row, in the brown shirt.]