1. LP

    Atlanta, Music Midtown 2012


  2. Ludacris

    Atlanta, Music Midtown 2012


  3. Girl Talk


  4. Florence. 


  5. Seen on an Atlanta street corner while leaving leaving Music Midtown. 

    When I asked he explained, “It’s true. Both facts are true, the top one and the bottom one. The King James Bible got it wrong. Can you get this sign on the news? I want to see it on the front of the paper.” 

    I told him I would do my best, by which I meant, “Here you go, Tumblr.” 


  6. So many people.

    This is only half the park, and there wasn’t even a band on this stage. They were setting up for Pearl Jam. There was a whole other stage where Girl Talk was performing. 

    And yet we got THIS CLOSE TO FLORENCE (no cropping, stock lens). 

    Shelby and I are good. Professional fans.


  7. Front row and center stage at the LP concert at Music Midtown! 

    She is utterly incredible. 


  8. Florence + the Machine. 

    That is all.