1. The Hunts

    [photography by a.b.]


  2. The Hunts 

    [photography by a.b.]


  3. The Hunts

    I decided to do something different and get a shot of every band member’s footwear, just for kicks. (Heh.)

    If I remember right, the order should match that of their owners in the last post.


  4. The Hunts 
    University of Memphis - Lambuth

    Such a fun, joyful group of multi-talented musicians! It’s not often you see seven siblings, much less seven musical siblings.

    More images to follow.
    [photography by a.b.]


  5. I got this shot of my friend Kaitlyn in a dark theater, sans flash, shooting from the hip. I like it.


  6. Bell 206L-1 LongRanger 


  7. On my career track.

    Once I get enough ER experience, I’m hoping to join an emergency medical helicopter crew. 

    More images later.


  8. Abandoned buildings at the Western Mental Health Institute in Bolivar, TN

    I had a psychiatric rotation at WMHI. The campus is full of weird secrets, like forbidden buildings, underground passages, and ghost stories.


  9. My classmates and I were actors yesterday in a Mass Casualty Incident simulation for regional law enforcement and first responders as part of the Tennessee Emergency Preparedness Summit. The scenario was an active campus shooter. [Insert sarcastic “I wonder why…”]

    My classmate Abbey was my injury twin, meaning we had matching simulated injuries. She was part of an indoor set of victims, while I was out in the triage tent. She posted her own set of pictures


  10. Ivan & Alyosha

    Barefoots Joe, 11/2013


  11. Once upon Times Square.


  12. Lake Geneva.


  13. Verviers, Belgium


  14. On the way to the Eiskapelle.


  15. At a petting zoo in Henderson, TN.