2. Things have been pretty soggy for the past few days around here, but we got it started with nothing more than a Bic lighter and some of my old class notes. 

    Success on the first try.

    P.S. Mason jars are my favorite things to drink out of.


  3. At the edge of the Königsee


  4. I’ll be moving away soon. It’s been nice.


  5. Little bird


  6. The Bridges band member Stacey Byrd.

    From a concert in ‘09 or ‘10? It’s been a while.


  7. Grow.


  8. The Hunts

    [photography by a.b.]


  9. The Hunts 

    [photography by a.b.]


  10. The Hunts

    I decided to do something different and get a shot of every band member’s footwear, just for kicks. (Heh.)

    If I remember right, the order should match that of their owners in the last post.


  11. The Hunts 
    University of Memphis - Lambuth

    Such a fun, joyful group of multi-talented musicians! It’s not often you see seven siblings, much less seven musical siblings.

    More images to follow.
    [photography by a.b.]


  12. I got this shot of my friend Kaitlyn in a dark theater, sans flash, shooting from the hip. I like it.


  13. Bell 206L-1 LongRanger 


  14. On my career track.

    Once I get enough ER experience, I’m hoping to join an emergency medical helicopter crew. 

    More images later.


  15. Abandoned buildings at the Western Mental Health Institute in Bolivar, TN

    I had a psychiatric rotation at WMHI. The campus is full of weird secrets, like forbidden buildings, underground passages, and ghost stories.