1. I had a pretty great hiking partner, too! 
    More pictures to follow sometime later.


  2. And then the flowers appeared.


  3. Looking at a mountain.


  4. Swan on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. 


  5. Cinque Terre, Italy.


  6. From Bruges, Belgium. 
    95% positive it’s in the Church of Our Lady. 



  8. gritty strong



  10. Things have been pretty soggy for the past few days around here, but we got it started with nothing more than a Bic lighter and some of my old class notes. 

    Success on the first try.

    P.S. Mason jars are my favorite things to drink out of.


  11. At the edge of the Königsee


  12. I’ll be moving away soon. It’s been nice.


  13. Little bird


  14. The Bridges band member Stacey Byrd.

    From a concert in ‘09 or ‘10? It’s been a while.


  15. Grow.