1. Road trip!


  2. Mono Pass trail


  3. Death Valley National Park


  4. Returning from Mono Pass through fields of wildflowers. 


  5. Yosemite in black and white. (Please enlarge on your screen if you can; I love these.)

    More to come, and color too!


  6. U.S. Route 395, northbound. 


  7. He scurried up as soon as he heard me chewing. 


  8. Welcome to Nevada


  9. No wonder it’s a dark omen.


  10. On the way to McGurk Meadow, evening


  11. A few Yosemite wildflowers


  12. Hetch Hetchy



  14. ABQ velociraptor, cutely stalking through the windows


  15. As the crow flies - which is impressive, as it turns out.