1. U.S. Route 395, northbound. 


  2. He scurried up as soon as he heard me chewing. 


  3. Welcome to Nevada


  4. No wonder it’s a dark omen.


  5. On the way to McGurk Meadow, evening


  6. A few Yosemite wildflowers


  7. Hetch Hetchy



  9. ABQ velociraptor, cutely stalking through the windows


  10. As the crow flies - which is impressive, as it turns out. 



  12. Just got back to Memphis, bringing the enormous road trip to an end. More pictures to follow, of course! (Though perhaps not tonight.)


  13. From the Kehlsteinhaus.


  14. I had a pretty great hiking partner, too! 
    More pictures to follow sometime later.


  15. And then the flowers appeared.