1. Have I ever let on how obsessed I am with bicycles? Because I am. 

    And I’m not into the trendy modern usage of “obsessed” - I don’t use that word lightly. 


  2. What the Water Gave Me (Lo Que el Agua Me Dio), Frida Kahlo, 1938.

    This painting was the inspiration for the title of a Florence + the Machine song on the 2011 album Ceremonials


  3. I helped paint this over the weekend. I drew the pencil sketches for the zebra (my favorite), the rhino, the hyena, baby Simba, the two lions in the middle, Rafiki’s body (I drew his head to scale on a piece of paper and someone else transposed it onto the window while I ate dinner or something), and I adjusted faces and proportions on Mufasa and Sarabi. I also painted the base coats of Pride Rock and the sky - I’m not especially good at painting.

    The lighting in this picture isn’t perfect, seeing as it was taken around midnight under an inconveniently placed neon light. If lighting were better, you would see a reflective gold halo around the four figures at the top of the painting, which was part of my work on the sky. The top and bottom aren’t as dark as they look here - that’s the lighting too.

    For scale, an average person’s shoulder would probably reach the basketball, I think.

    I feel like it turned out pretty good.  :)  



  5. Piet Mondrian, Gray Tree, 1912