1. nicevoices:

    "Undiscovered First" - Feist


    "Is this the right mountain for us to climb?"


  2. Just a reminder that Miley Cyrus really does have talent underneath the foolishness. 


  3. "Ghost of Corporate Future" - Regina Spektor


  4. Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, works at the nexus of several rarely-overlapping Venn Diagrams: classically trained composer who is also an electronic musician who sometimes produces beats for rappers. […] There’s no obvious fingerprint to detect in this disparate work, just an intelligence and curiosity about sound, and an ability to populate a canvas with colorful, swarming sounds that tickle but don’t crowd the ear.

    "Lost It To Trying", off his upcoming album Lanterns for Joyful Noise Recordings, is a loose rock song of sorts filled with compelling spare parts— synths that scree high like seagulls, a fidgeting horn section and some chattering flutes; a exchange between a dexterous live drummer and some drum programming. The choral singing is reminiscent of Sufjan, but the sound— brainy and muscular, propulsive and complicated, mournful and celebratory— is all Lott’s own.



  5. nicevoices:

    "Hot Damn" - Ivy Levan

    This lady has some powerful pipes. 

    One of my favorite new finds. 
    Here’s another one of hers, if you like this one. 


  6. "Arrival of the Birds" - The Cinematic Orchestra

    PLEASE listen to this.


  7. "No Diggity/Thrift Shop" - Ed Sheeran & Passenger (Kygo Remix)


  8. nicevoices:

    "No Diggity/Thrift Shop" - Ed Sheeran & Passenger

    I’m about to upload a remix of this. Such an unexpected combination of performers and songs.


  9. "Do You Love Me" - Guster


  10. nicevoices:

    "In The Time" - Hyperpotamus

    Jorge Ramirez-Escudero has such a SICK sound. Delicious a cappella.


  11. "Would You Go With Me" - Josh Turner

    Because I told someone I would post this, and because Tumblr and country don’t overlap very often. 


  12. "I Need Your Love" - Aaronicstuff ft. Astrid and Aurora [Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding cover]


  13. Free music is nice! The link to download is after the jump.

    And thanks to Shelby for telling me about this song!


  14. nicevoices:

    "The Great Divide" - The Mowgli’s

    I just really like the Mowgli’s right now. 

    So fun!

    And they have dogs.


  15. "Tennis Court" - Lorde

    One of the creepiest, most minimalistic music videos I’ve ever seen.

    It gives the impression that she is singing from somewhere deep inside her mind, bypassing the usual lungs and vocal cords.